Saturday, 8 July 2017

Branching out!

Big news ... the first of the back garden baby kites has left the nest and is out on a nearby branch.

Mum on the right and the larger of the two chicks on the left

It hasn't gone far. The nest is on the left of the photograph below and Mum and the chick are out on the branch on the right.

The second chick is about a week behind the first and is sitting tight in the nest, just watching what's going on. This one still has fluffy grey feathers on its head.

The chick is a bit wobbly still and fell forward before regaining its balance after a bit of flapping. Mum is staying very close by and keeping a watchful eye on it.
A bit of a wobble

Balance regained
Both parents have been doing a great job of looking after the chicks and it looks like all their hard work paid off. They're looking a bit shabby now though and are moulting their feathers, which means there are always lots of great feathers around the garden.

Looking a bit ruffled!
A tickle of red kite feathers collected from the garden
 The collective noun for a group of feathers is a tickle, which always makes me laugh!

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