Saturday, 8 April 2017

Stormy Carolinas

We're on an adventure to North Carolina for the Easter holidays. We're staying right on the beach and arrived to the most beautiful weather...

...  it all soon changed though as a huge storm hit the Eastern side of the States. We had dramatic thunder and lightning overnight and torrential rain. It was quite spectacular watching the beach and the sea light up all night. Next morning the tail end of the storm wasn't going to stop us enjoying the beach though!

It soon cleared through and left us with sun, but very strong winds. We walked along the beach in the evening, hoping to find some big shells washed up by the storm, but the wind was blowing the sand along the surface of the beach. It was a very strange experience as it wasn't difficult to walk against the wind, it was just whipping up the sand making it look like smoke around our feet ( and stinging our legs). You could really see the force of the wind and sand as the smoothly sloping beach had been turned into a cliff face in just one day.


The kite surfers were out in force, making the most of the wind and the waves. They were very impressive and I think Bug Mad Girl has a new sport she'd like to try!

We had to make do with racing the waves!

We have lots of amazing wildlife to blog about over the next few days, but the weather really kick started the holiday with a bang!

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