Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas art show 2016

Welcome to my Christmas art show! 

I really enjoying painting and drawing the wonderful wildlife that I see all around me, as well as using my imagination to draw what might be out there ...
I hope you enjoy looking at some of my art and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! 
Love Bug Mad Girl (age 11) x
1. Watch out below
 1. I love owls, but we don't see them very often. We occasionally hear them and often find their pellets (which are great fun to dissect). I painted this using acrylics at an art club in the summer holidays.

2. Trout face
2. I painted this trout at my art club, using acrylics. I love the vibrant colours and how they blend together.
3. The beetle
3. This beetle was painted using watercolours and I stuck newspaper collage onto it to make it look interesting. I'd love to find a beetle as colourful as this one day.

4. Leopard
4. I sketched this leopard at home one day in my sketchbook.
5. Where am I?
5. This highland cow has such a thick, long fringe that means it can't see anything. I used watercolours to paint it.
6. Dragon 1
6. I sketched this dragon at art club, then coloured it in with coloured pencils. Dragons are one of my favourite things to draw as you can really use your imagination with them.
7. Dragon 2
7. This is another dragon that I sketched at home and shaded using just pencil.
8. Rosie 1
8. As well as wildlife, I like to sketch my dog Rosie. She doesn't ever sit still for long, so it can be quite a challenge. 
9. Rosie 2
9. This is another painting of Rosie, who is a very naughty fox red Labrador.

10. Fetch!
10. I painted this for our town's Art in the Park competition, which was part of the town festival. I was by far the youngest person in the competition and was up against A-level students and even professional artists. My picture won the competition and a large copy of it is now on display in the park. It was painted using acrylics on canvas.
11. Foxy
11. I drew this as a 'how to sketch' project that I put in the school newspaper.

12. Haunted house
12. At Halloween, I drew and painted some spooky pictures. This haunted house was painted at art club.
13. In the shadows
 13. This is a sketch of a wolf looking through a rip in the paper.
14. Dragon's eye
14. I sketched this dragon's eye at home one day.
15. Paper cut-outs
15. We often look at the work of a particular artist at art club, then have a go at creating something in their style. This was inspired by Matisse's paper cut-outs.
16. Self portrait
16. This self portrait was inspired by Pablo Picasso.
Thank you for looking at my art show, I hope you enjoyed it!

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