Sunday, 25 September 2016

Running through the woods

The kids weekends are always jam packed with clubs, birthday parties and sporting activities, meaning it's not very often that we all manage to go for a walk in the hills together. Today we did just that though and what a treat it was!

It was a day for jumping off tree stumps, eating blackberries and running through the woods.

Bug Mad Girl had her eagle eyes on, as usual, and spotted a caterpillar on the path (that we had all walked past and completely missed). We knew immediately that it was a hawkmoth, as it was large and had a distinctive tail. When they start to pupate they turn a darker colour and start to wander, so we were pretty sure that's what this one was up to.

Pine hawkmoth caterpillar
We later found out it was a pine hawkmoth, which is the first moth or caterpillar of that species that either of us have seen.

She also spotted a black snail beetle tucking into a slug and a large yellow fungus called chicken of the woods.
Black snail beetle

Chicken of the woods
Storm clouds started to gather nearby and we could hear thunder rumbling around the hills.

It was time to go home after what the little one described as an "amazing walk"!

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