Sunday, 17 January 2016

Chilterns Snowy Owl

I love it when you open the curtains in the morning and everything is covered in snow. The kids were so excited, but it was melting fast, so we went for a walk on the top of Brush Hill. It was the dogs first outing in snow, which she seemed to quite enjoy!

Finally some wintery weather! The wind must have been blowing hard last night as all of the tree trunks had a line of snow down one side and none on the rest of the trunk, making it look much more snowy from one direction than the other!

An extremely elusive Chilterns Snowy Owl put in an appearance (and posed for photos) - they're incredibly rare and we were very lucky to see one today!
The incredibly rare Chilterns Snowy Owl

Guess who ended up with the giant snowball thrown at them!

We spotted a tiny tree creeper on one of the tree trunks in the woods at the top of the hill.
On the way home we saw several redwings picking through the melting snow at the bottom of the hill.
Back home we broke the ice on the bird baths and filled them up and topped up all the bird feeders. When it's as cold as this the garden birds really need fresh water and plenty of food.

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  1. Very lucky! We have no snow here in Norfolk, just a nice sunny yet cold day.