Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Where are the Brush Hill fungi

Brush Hill has always been one of our favourite spots for a fungi hunt. In previous years it has been full of wonderful fungi, occasionally feeling like there were so many toadstools that you could barely walk without standing on them. This year there seems to be less around than usual though and I'm still waiting for the mass fruiting of previous years.

Last year's Brush Hill fungi forest
I walked around the woods at the top of the hill this morning and failed to find a single toadstool or puffball. The best thing I could find, other than a few patches of candlesnuff and some small bracket fungi, was four dead moll's fingers poking out through some moss. As the name suggests, they look like fingers scratching their way out of the ground and are quite Halloweeny!

The lack of fungi was a bit confusing, so I decided to walk around again on a slightly different route. I walked past the two ponds in the middle of the wood and spotted several unusual fungi. I believe these are called The Goblet and are named for their deeply funnel shaped caps. I was glad to find them as they were a new fungi for me.


 Further round I spotted a large white wood mushroom, with a smaller one growing underneath it.

Just goes to show that you really do never know what might be hiding behind a tree or bush! So there turned out to be more fungi than I first thought, but still not as many as I was expecting. Come on Brush Hill fungi ... where are you?

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