Friday, 25 September 2015

Looking forward to Autumn

The change from one season to another is always an exciting time as we move on from the delights of the season we're leaving behind and look forward to what's in store over the next few months. Summer has been wonderful, especially the butterflies, moths, orchids and mini-beasts, but now it's time to enjoy everything Autumn has to offer.

The sun's lower in the sky, making the light more muted, casting long shadows interrupted by spotlights of sparkling sunlight. The beech woods of the Chilterns are simply stunning at this time of year.

The leaves are turning and will soon set the hills alight with a blaze of reds, golds and browns.

The berries are ripening, providing a welcome chance for wildlife to feed up before the harsh winter months set in.
Juniper berries
The seeds are set, each one cleverly designed to maximize its chances of being successfully dispersed, be that by wind, animal, gravity or even by literally exploding and shooting the seeds away (known as ballistic seed dispersal).

Conkers are starting to fall and be collected by children
Lupin seed pods after they've exploded

Agrimony seeds, covered in little
hooks to catch on fur and clothing
The cool, damp weather is triggering the fungi to fruit and burst into life. There are so many shapes sizes and colours of fungi, literally popping up overnight.
Torn fibrecap
Beechwood jellydisc
What's not to love about Autumn!

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  1. I am so jealous! I wanted to see an earthstar! Maybe I should visit the park again to see if one has emerged yet. How do you find one? By the way, talking of fungi, I have just done a How To Draw for fungi.