Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Rainy Brush Hill

I took the dog for a walk around Brush Hill this morning. It was a really soggy, wet morning, but I wanted to check on the Violet Helleborines to see if they'd flowered yet. Still no flowers, but the buds have developed more, so they can't be too far away. I also managed to find a few more plants, so there are about 20 up there that I've found so far.

Violet helleborine
A group of 4 violet helleborines
The buds are developing
Looks like something had eaten the tops off some
plants - deer maybe?
The rest of the walk was perfect weather for the snails!

Brown-lipped snail

Strawberry snail (maybe)

Copse snail (I think)
I walked down through the trees, then climbed up the steps and appeared at the bottom of the chalk grassland slope. It was a sight for soggy eyes as it was covered in flowers.

Harebells in the raindrops
It was much too damp for the butterflies, but I did spot this little bee hiding under a flower trying (not very successfully) to keep dry.

I admired the view from the top of the hill for a while - still stunning even in the rain.
Then I headed back to the car and found some peacock caterpillars enjoying the nettles. They're big and spiky and must be close to pupating. It's good to see them a little more often now, as there seem to have been less of them this year than others.

Feeling spiky today!

When I got home Whistlejacket and his wife, our back garden red kites, were sat in their tree. They were looking a big soggy and fed up!


  1. Can't wait to see those violet helleborines in flower. Went on an orchid hunt myself today. Found some lovely marsh helleborines. Are they still on your list this year?

    1. I haven't seen marsh helleborines yet - not sure I'll get to them this year, so they may be one for next year!

  2. 'Wet bees' are always interesting as sometimes they are the victim of an attack by a economic fly. I tend to keep them to see if one of these parasitic flies will emerge. A very interesting blog!

    1. Thanks for the info - I just thought he was soaked from all the rain! Glad you like the blog.

  3. Sorry, my comment should have read conopid fly - that's the problem with predictive texts!